Se pukkaa vappua ja aattoa, mitä lie kaikkea muuta. Tässä kotitoimistossa istuessa ensimmäistä kertaa yli kahteenkymmeneen vuoteen kukaan ei ole […]
Run Jonne run. I expected myself solid run. I didn’t get what I wanted. I just have to accept that […]
This part I usually take quite easily. I mean without any risks. If you pay  couple thousands euros for trip […]
I promised myself in the winter that I will make some effort for the swimming. Well my right shoulder think […]
Closing the doors after 13 years and then straight to Athens. Seven days holiday and competition was what I needed. […]
I have made decision. I know what future will come. Next few months I will concentrate my partnerships. I want […]
If I get fired today there will be a new place for me somewhere. Faith or coincidence, it’s up to […]
Ten days to XterraGreece and I have a flu. Hopefully just a little one and small break only. Training have […]
Two times 750 meters, about 20 minutes for best swimmers. I’m satisfied if I do it under half an hour. […]
My Kids, my wife, my everything, how do they feel. Was my solutions right or wrong? I hope that they […]