First ever competition as a professional. I`m 40 year old and still there is something that I can do first time in my life. At first I laugh about it, me as a pro, no way. To be honest, result wasn´t that good but I`m getting stronger day by day. When Xterra comeback in next year I`ll be ready for fight of life.

Aki, Jaakko, Joni did good job for this year. Dave, Kostas and Nico knows now that the right time is in autumn. Me and my team is then in Rauha. I hope that everyboby else find their way in there also.

This year my swimming was clear. Nothing special, technical but without power. 142 avg hr/min, just take little sprint near the beach. Transition was quite normal, raining make it not comfortable. Three rounds cycling was best part of race. Especially first two loops, third one was the hardest. I made few mistakes but I´m more than happy. 160 avg hr/min, so there was lactic acid in my body. I started running bravely with tired legs. First hill was too much. I barely made it but I managed to continue. Swamp and all the other hills was tough. But in the end I made my traditional spurt. 143 avg hr /min and hole day 150 avg hr/min. It was the toughest race in my life. Next year I will show better performance.

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